Viskan streamline

High-end web shop at very competitive price

For nearly two decades, Viskan has developed e-commerce solutions for customers with very high demands; large retail chains and brands who started and constantly refine their digital ventures with the Viskan ETM system for e-commerce. We have integrated many functions that are just as useful for those who only one or two stores but need to start or develop their web presence. With them in mind, We have created Viskan Streamline, a package that includes everything you as a retailer dream about.

Among the included features are:

  • Integration with the POS systems including Cash IT.
  • Total real time control of stock balances.
  • Modern responsive layout ready for mobile devices.
  • Product tags, searchable in the web shop.
  • Lots of filtering and sorting possibilities including sizes, colors, tags and price.
  • Automated processes for Transport Administration (TA).
  • Automated processes for payments and refunds.
  • Klarna Checkout.
  • 5 different stock balance types: Incoming, reserved incoming, physical, reserved and disposable.
  • WMS for efficient fulfillment with efficient picking algorithms and support for handheld scanners to optimize pick and pack.
  • Find the nearest shop with the article in stock.
  • Endless aisle-functionality using touch screens or tablets. Get everything on one reciept with POS integrated payments.
  • Integrations with loyalty club systems for logging all purchases.
  • Click and Collect and ship from store.

This is just a small sample of the variety of features that Viskan ETM and eStore package Streamline contains.

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Viskan Remarketing

With Viskan's brand new Remarket module you can find and communicate with potential customers. The module is seamlessly integrated with ETM and eStore. If a visitor has put something in the shopping bag without completing the purchase you can automatically configure the Remarket module to send one or more e-mails or texts to the visitor to remind her of the shopping bag and to complete the purchase.



Since Viskan has a comprehensive solution with control of many of the pieces in the puzzle we can take our innovation further than many others which, for example, enables the system to provide features for:

  • Mail about products that is no longer in stock. I.e. those that were in stock at the time of browsing but now are out-of-stock. In such a mail we can suggest other similar products.
  • Shorter path to checkout. A customer that clicks on product images or "Go to my shopping bag" in the mail can be directly sent to the checkout (providing the products are in stock) with the products automatically added the the Remarket engine. 
  • In ETM you can monitor in realtime, how many mails have been sent, how many have converted and the net amount it has generated. Our Remarket module has built-in support for a/b testing and it is simple to see, for example, how different messages in your mails will increase och decrease conversion rates.