Get the flow in all your channels

With two decades of experience we have the expertise and technical knowledge to help boost the sales through omnichannel for you who are retailers. Either you want to integrate your channels are looking for a solution to take you to the next level. We know how important it is with everything from communication to distribution and to optimize all the information and the logistical flow in a cost-efficient manner. 

Subscriptions and continuities

World leaders with high degree of flexibility

We dare to claim that we are among the world leaders when it comes to subscriptions, continuities and customer clubs. Our system facilitates great flexibility in the creation of unique, varied offers for the end-consumer. The solution has many features, is unique in it’s template variation and is very simple to manage. 


E-commerce solution for efficient order management

Your e-commerce is launched, but you have a feeling it’s not all it can be. You lack functions, integrations and have too much manual handling. We want to grow your business if you have 25 orders a day or more. The sky is the limit in our solution. We offer a solution that handles everything from customers, orders, payments and warehouses where the administration is easy but powerful.


Stronger brand with our 3D solution for e-commerce

More and more strong brands that has traditionally used resellers now discover the need to sell directly to end-consumers to take control over their brand. If your resellers are in with you it’s easier to increase sales throughout all channels, communicating your brands core values and profile.  We know how to do this. Our solution comprises B2C as well as B2B and B2S (business-to-seller). 


High-end web shop at very competitive price

Viskan has for nearly two decades developed solutions for customers with very high requirements: large retail chains and brands that started and developed their digital ventures with Viskans ETM system for e-commerce. We have integrated many functions that are useful even for those who may have only one or two stores but need to start or develop their web presence. We have created Viskan Streamline, a package that includes everything you as a retailer could want.

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Regardless your current situation, there are some key questions you should be able to answer to choose partner and system.

Ambition: Do you have a strategy for e-commerce? An important aspect of that is how much turnover you plan for because this affects the number of articles you have to make available online.

Functionality: There are many aspects of a total e-commerce solution, but to mention a few: integration with an ERP-solution, warehouse management, mobile solutions, payment providers, 3rd party logistics companies, transport administration and efficient and streamlined customer communication. The trick is to automate as much as possible without losing control. Another important question is how the solution performs regarding speed and user experience on pc, mac, mobile, tables, smartphone etc?

Flexibility: If you need to add new services, grow fast or change focus, how flexible is the system? Is it possible to add new functionality to the standard functions but still changed to suit your needs?