Safeguard your customers

One important aspect of a successful and profitable e-commerce solution is that it is available, secure and has great performance when the visitors arrive. The smallest disturbances or instabilities bothers and scares the end-consumer. Many of our customers therefore choose to let us be responsible for the hosting of their e-commerce solutions. The reason for this are manifold: our experience guarantees security and stability, and the obvious is that our customers don’t need to sort out if it’s a hosting issue or a software issue. When using our hosting solution life is easy. 

Seminars & education

Develop your e-commerce through knowledge

When Viskan was founded in 1996 there was no Google and the number of sites in the world was about 100 000. A lot has happened and the innovation pace is incredible.

With almost two decades of experience of e-commerce,  we have gathered a sizeable amount of knowledge about what is required of those who have decided to be successful in the e-commerce sector. We know all about prosperous e-commerce as well as the potential pitfalls, what is important and how to create a winning strategy.

This is why we offer seminars and educations in matters concering all aspects of e-commerce.  Most of these educations are tailored to your needs and conditions. Everything from a couple of hours in front of a larger group or smaller workshop groups to develop an e-commerce strategy. 

Design & Communication

Design and functions that work together

Our solutions for e-commerce are developed be easy to design according to each brand’s unique profile. We have the knowledge to design your site, but it is also common to work together with an ad or digital agency. The important thing is to coordinate function and design into one user-friendly whole.