Viskan and Redeal cooperates

Viskan and Redeal are initiating a cooperation based on Redeals services to encourage customers who purchased to provide personal recommendations to friends and acquaintances when after they've made a purchase. Personal recommendations from someone you trust is perceived as credible and therefore generate visitors of high quality.

The partnership means that we can offer our customers help to quickly and easily get started with Redeals recommendation services.

"For functionality and associated services where there are already qualified suppliers we are initiating partnerships rather than to reinvent the wheel. It allows us to focus on what we do best. Redeal is a good example of that. They have added nearly a year of testing and fine-tuning of their solution and can demonstrate tangible results. On average, 16% of those who shopped with Redeals solutions recommend the store to their friends after purchase. It makes their services interesting for our customers.", says Sten Selin, CEO.

The service, which can be implemented directly on the confirmation page of the store, urges customers to recommend the store to friends and acquaintances in social networks and via SMS and email. To increase the amount of recommendations, a reward such as a discount can be given to those who recommend.

Both Viskan and Redeal also support Nosto, which opens up for interesting solutions where Nostos recommendations based on the individual consumer's behavior can be combined with a personal recommendation from a friend.

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