Online stores grew well with Viskan

We at Viskan compile sales & growth figures of our customers online sales each year. Ii is very important for us to keep track of all our customers online activity and how their sales are developing. Guided by these figures we are also able to, in a better way, plan future development. We know that our work affects our customers sales and we do what we can to optimize that even more.


Online sales segments

Here are some interesting figures of how our customers online sales have grown in 2016. All growth figures in this compilation are compared to previous year(2015) and are averages from our customer segments.


Customers are segmented as following:

Brands - A brand selling products or services via an online store. This sales can be directly to consumers or corporate customers or both.

Omnichannel - Retail chains selling products or services with the combination of online store and brickstores and possibly other sales channels.

E-commerce - All our customers selling via online store. This segment includes also all segments listed above.


Brand online store as a flagship

Brand online stores have been growing well as well as most of our customers for several years now and the direction seems to stay the same. Order amounts as well as sales have been growing, partially due to expansion in new markets and partially for other reasons like SEO and campaign optimization.

Here's how our brand customers grew their online sales last year:

Sales +44%
Orders +85%


Omnichannel development paid off

Our omnichannel customers such as retail chains, continued their success with sales grown 54% on average compared to previous year. This not being any surprise as omnichannel is known to strengthen customer experience and supporting sales. Here are the average figures:

Sales +54%
Online orders +66%

Hemtex is a company to see as example and trend-setter in omnichannel. Their online store co-operates fluently with brickstores and the company continuously develops their customer experience. Hemtex's customers shopping experience is a continuous and positive journey from one channel to another, considered also well in logistics. This development shows in their sales figures.


B2B-ecommerce supports resellers

B2B-ecommerce has been one of the fastest growing e-commerce segment during the last few years. More and more companies have started to truly see the benefit of using digital channels to support resellers, providing product information and having an easy-to-use supply order placement tool. Yet again, our B2B-ecommerce customers did well:

Sales +28%
Orders +50%

High-quality suit brand Oscar Jacobson is one of these companies: Supporting their resellers with B2B-online store to increase their sales and place orders in a convenient way through digital. Since they launched B2B online store, Oscar Jacobson actually has grown the amount of their resellers and doubled online sales several years in a row.


Social media as a sales tool for e-commerce

To our e-commerce segment we gathered all our customers selling via online store. This includes also omnichannel, brands and B2B-ecommerce. Growth figures for our e-commerce customers are quite positive as well:

Sales +43%
Orders +61%

One of our latest e-commerce customers, Makeup Mekka, handles over 500 online orders a day. They sell cosmetics products online and started using Viskan's Instagram module to boost sales directly through social media. With Viskan OMS they can handle large order amounts efficiently, even when(not if) order amounts are doubled from current.


B2B e-commerce as the sales leader

Some interesting, yet not that suprising, facts were found by comparing segments together. High order amount among omnichannel companies is probably due to the fact most of them are in fashion business where order values usually are high. Also B2B e-commerce high order value also is a no-brainer as corporate customers usualy plan their orders and make collection orders.

Still, brands were other segment popping out with high average order valu. This is quite a clear message of branding bringing that extra value, in turnover as well.

  • B2B e-commerce and brands had the best average order value
  • Best-selling(Best avg. sales per company) segment was B2B ecommerce
  • Biggest avg order amount was clearly with omnichannel companies, over 320 online orders per day!


We make e-commerce profitable

These figures tell something of our customers and how they grow with us. We are very pleased to see our customers growth figures since that's what we aim for: Making digital channels profitable for our customers. Looks like we succeeded and problably will continue to do so together with our customers!


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