NDC 2015

Our partner EDI-Soft hosts the Nordic Delivery Conference, which is the yearly conference for the delivery business and for people, who have delivery as part of their daily business. Inspiring speakers from in- and outside the delivery business will present the newest tendencies in delivery and challenge the way delivery is conceptualized today. All to motivate to make delivery a competitive advantage.

Some keynotes from the conference:

• Get closer to the costumer.
• Be where the action is.
• Humans decide on emotions.
• If you like it you get closer to it.
• Emotions attract - emotions bring trust.
• You trust what other think about your brand.
• Go for only epic.
• Nothing happens in the comfort zone.
• The digital code is starting to look like more our own DNA.
• Make it fun.
• Make it a game or a competition.
• Give them influence.
• Give them recognition.
• Make them feel part of something great.
• Help them to save or make money.
• Kids are the most honest costumer.

"In order to change you need to leave the old behind".

“Don't ask why! Ask how and grow your business”.

- Dietmar Dahmen.



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