MQ's digital fashion show Front Row/Backstage

On September 2, MQ invited their customers to an inspiring digital fashion show at in the form of a specially designed campaign website, Front Row / Backstage.

The fashion show offers a completely new aesthetic setting where MQ want to share their passion for fashion and let the customer sit "front row" when the brand's collections are taking place on the catwalk. In addition, there is a backstage area where customers can be inspired on the "behind the scenes" material, inspiration and tips. They will also be invited to further study and, according to the new fashion calendar "to see now - buy now" are able to purchase everything in the collection directly from within the experience.

Several technical challenges have been solved

There are several technically challenging solutions that made the campaign site possible. The video quality on such a venture must be high, while it needs to play smoothly even on mobile networks. This requires both efficient compression and distribution to handle large amounts of data to many concurrent users. Therefore, we chose to distribute the video content through the Google cloud service.

There have also been some mobile challenges, especially on the iPhone. iPhone has a restrictive video player that required some creative solutions to, for instance, automatically turn off the video player when the video is done playing.

The backstage solution also offered some technical challenges. One such challenge is about making shopping from the collection to an integral, seamless part of the experience. To make the experience seamless, the entire solution is built directly in our e-commerce platform eStore.

"To maintain the experience during the purchase means both interface and technical challenges. The customer must feel familiar in how the shopping works in other parts of the shop while feeling slightly adapted to it should not feel like leaving the backstage experience when looking at and buying clothes. The flexibility available in Viskans platform has been used to a high degree.", said Serkan Selcuk, Frontend Solutions Manager.

Great demands have also been raised on the performance to ensure that a large influx of customers to the campaign does not affect the shop. Therefore, stress testing has been a key part of the development process from the beginning and both Frontend and Backend developers as well as operation engineers have been involved in each iteration to evaluate and optimize performance. It has not only placed great demands on the technical platform but also on the organization and development.

Cooperation a key to success

An important key in getting the solution in place has been the cooperation between supplier and customer. To constantly understand each other and minimize the risk of misunderstandings require good cooperation and communication. This has been particularly important since it was a tight deadline and the material from MQ was delivered continuously according to the just-in-time principle.

"I am proud of what we've been able to accomplish together with MQ. Our cooperation, our technological platform and our expertise has been put to the test - and the result was amazing. ", said Serkan Selcuk.



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