Meet a Frontend developer: Andreas Gillström

Andreas Gillström

Vad do you do at Viskan?

I work as a web development on a department named Frontend Solutions.

What is your background?

I got interested about web and programming early and made my first HTML-page when I was 11. I studied IT in High Scool and in University I studied to become a computer engineer with In High School, I studied IT and whent on to University as a computer engineer with web development as specialty. After that I've been working as web developer. I started at Viskan in May of 2014.

What does an ordinary day at Viskan look like?

IT can be anything from improving a shopcart to making load testing to prepare a shop for a sale. No day is like the other, I like the constant change.

What challenges do you meet as a web developer?

You must always be at the forefront, the industry is changing rapidly. But it's also what makes it fun, to find new ways to improve our customers' sites. As a web developer, there are always new things to learn.

What is the best about the job here at Viskan?

It's fun to build sites for our customers, they have many visitors and the sites must be of high quality. It is a driving force for me.

5 quick ones

Morning- or evening person?

Evening person. Sleep is the worst feature in humans.

JavaScript or CSS?


Instagram or Snapchat?

I use Snapchat more, so I choose that!

Shop online or in brick-and-mortar stores?


Urban (Borås) or rural (Nässjö)?


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