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504 33 Borås, Sweden
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Mathias Nohlborg

Fredrik Ottosson

"We focus on keeping our customers happy by providing smart functions that are easy to use and by taking responsibility for the whole solution."

Design and Marketing

Sara Draheim

"Omnichannel is the new black."


Claes Wettéus

”The experience and knowledge of our trade in combination with a very high level of technical knowledge about today’s and tomorrow’s trends.”

Matilda Lindkvist

Business Developers

Gunilla Esbjörnsson

Emil Malmborg

"We are constantly in the forefront of the development in e-commerce."

Alexander Söderholm

”We add expertise. For example, we have helped in projects where we were not the system provider.”

Ellinor Andreasson

”Customer contact, problem solving and to be able to help the customers are the most important aspects of my work.”

Helen Nilsson

”I’m proud to be part of Viskan. We could as well be employed by a hospital in how well we care for both customers and staff.”

Magnus Vestergaard

”Mobile and responsive sites is a trend. And to seamlessly integrate with the bricks and mortar shops.”

Jan Larsson

”E-commerce becomes more important, since the traditional mail order is on the way out.”

Jimmy Erlandsson

”We at Viskan drive innovation and development with new ideas.”

Lars Lundström

”It’s fun and challenging to help our customers based on their wishes and demands.”

Web Solutions

Andreas Strandman

    "I like to make products that everyone can use."

    Michael Bergquist Suarez

      Carl Nordin

        Aron Hafner

          ”To see the end result, after a long time of development, that is my incentive and driving force.”

          Henrik Peszlen

            ”We deliver excellent and stable solutions enhanced by first-class support.”

            Magnus Schmitz

              "We are very serious in what we are doing, but we like to laugh a lot while doing it."

              Research and Development

              Mattis Andersson

                Roger Stenman

                  "Problem solving, researching and developing solutions that will make it easier for our customers. "

                  Bogdan Patoka

                    ”We are unique in the Nordic region with our system that covers so many aspects of e-commerce.”

                    Lennart Jakobsson

                      Anton Johansson

                        ”My work is about developing functionality noone thought about.”

                        Sebastian Lundqvist

                          Marcus Wallstersson

                            Anton Zanchenko

                              "Viskan is the place where I can work anytime and anywhere with the same output as my colleagues sitting in the office."

                              Daniel Ejlerot

                                ”I think that SQL, Java and programming in general is incredibly rewarding.”

                                Katarina Lorentzon

                                  "Viskan is a great company to work for. They care about their staff, their products and their customers."

                                  Marcus Henriksson

                                    ”By constantly being at the beginning of the technology curve we know what is around the corner and what trends will come, and this is beneficial to our customers.”

                                    Martin Uhlén

                                      ”It’s about speed, availability and being courteous in our contact with the customers. And also to fix the problems when they arise and to be flexible.”

                                      Stepan Melnik

                                        "Guess what? The leading company to do e-commerce is located here."

                                        Sergey Krakov

                                          ”A whole that covers all processes. An advantage is the number of hours we have put into the system to a very good end.”


                                          Malin Stigson

                                          Amar Kulo

                                          Katja Wettéus

                                          ”To find what drives someone to do his best in each and every situation.”

                                          Kristian Iveling

                                          ”Products and knowledge about many processes that can be complemented with services.”

                                          Linus Brimstedt

                                          ”My job is to transform good ideas into new products and make them work, to facilitate the customers’ workday.”

                                          Sten Selin

                                          ”Business knowledge with the key words: efficiency, experience and commitment."

                                          Linda Westlund

                                          ”The buying experience gets more and more personal with related products and personal adjustments the customers is a major trend.”

                                          Serkan Selcuk

                                          ”No day is like another at Viskan. The flexibility and new challenges are some of the things I like the most.”

                                          Hosting and technical staff

                                          Tobias Åkesson


                                            Rebecka Engelbrektsson


                                            Pörrö Sahlberg

                                            Jussi Moilanen

                                            “With our highly motivated team and strong experience in international e-commerce, we are bringing a great service to the Finnish market!"

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