Case: 8848 Altitude International webstore


8848 Altitude was established in 1990 when designing the equipment for the first successful Swedish ascent to Mount Everest – the world’s highest mountain at an altitude of 8848 meters. Ever since, 8848 Altitude has been developing high-performance clothing for skiers and other outdoor enthusiasts all over the world.

8848 Altitude is sold in over 600 stores in 20 countries and is appreciated for the high functionality and Scandinavian, contemporary design.




8848 Altitude needed a facelift to their Webstore in 2015. From that facelift 8848 Altitude truly started their digital journey in the most successful way.

In august 2016 their new webstore expanded even more and serves now customers in 10 countries throughout Europe.





Viskan developed the new 8848 Altitude web store to bring the brand to match today's digital demands. With a brand-specific web store it is always a delicate balance between brand appearance & commerciality. With 8848 Altitude we can proudly say that the balance has been found!

The new web store is designed to scale to new markets efficiently and give 8848 Altitude control over website & campaign management.




The new webstore looks beautiful, reflects the brand's values and last but not least: converts visitors into customers. And does it with excellent results:

“We launched our new e-commerce platform with Viskan in March 2015 and it turned out really good. The first year we more than doubled the sales form 2014. From 2015 - 2016 we have doubled sales again and we aren’t slowing down 2017.“




Besides being a balance of beautiful brand site & commercial service, 8848 Altitude web store is equipped with some great features to optimize customer experience:



International ecommerce


High performance

Article list filtering






Upsell & Cross-sell

Marketing automations

Find nearest store

Klarna Checkout






8848 Altitude’s brand digitalization started with very promising results and they are planning to keep focusing into digital channels in the future as well. We asked Anton about where he sees 8848 Altitude web store in 5 years and how they feel about working with Viskan:

“We have a digital strategy we follow and work with every day. We put a lot of effort in digitizing our brand. It is important to create a good experience for our visitors, from the first time they get to know us to the time they put their new jacket on.

The main focus is to create a web store that feels personal, inspiring and secure. We have a long way to go but we are on the way.“ 

“In five years from now will be one of our biggest and most important sales tools."