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Short facts about Viskan

Founded: 1996
Major owners: Sten Selin and Claes Wettéus.
Number of employees: 44
Head office: Borås
Turnover 2015: 33,2 million SEK (excl. Finland)
Main business: Supplier and developer of comprehensive e-commerce solutions with mobile first solutions, efficient logistics flow and subcriptions as some of our areas of expertise. 


with Sten Selin, CEO of Viskan

Hello Sten Selin, CEO and partner at Viskan Distanshandel System AB, why the name Viskan?
– With our head office in Borås just along the river Viskan it points to our roots in the city of Borås. The city has been very important for the development of the textile and mail order industry in Sweden and the Nordic region.

– Viskans other major partner Claes Wettéus and I came from the retail chain JC when we started Viskan in 1996. Almost everyone in Borås has some kind of connection to mail order, e-commerce, textile or fashion.

How has this influenced your business?
– Bearing in mind all the knowledge about mail order in our city we knew hos important it was with an efficient logistics flow and a secure IT environment with redundancies built-in to the flexible databases we provide. All those made the IT-bubble burst in the beginning of the 21st century were things we had knowledge about and thus could avoid. Mail Order in itself is the e-commerce of the past.

Is it the legacy of Mail Order that has caused so many e-commerce companies to flourish in Borås?
– Absolutely, and it’s also one of the reasons that we are so good at providing efficient e-commerce solutions. We know how important it is to handle all information you keep about customer and their buying behavior to run a profitable e-commerce operation.

In your pay-off you claim “e-business as usual”, what do you mean?
– As it sounds. It’s about doing business. In one or several channels. That is what we help our customers do. By providing the full scale solution with ERP, web and mobile solutions we have a very strong platform for innovation to stay ahead of the competition.


Do you have questions about what we do, the company or our customers, we help you gladly. If you want to use logos or images for commercial purposes please ask us - we are not impossible but careful with our brand.

Press contact:
Sara Draheim
Mobil: +46 761 93 98 34
Mail: sten.selin@viskan.se